Conceive after Vasectomy with No Reversal

There is still the possibility of conceiving even if your partner has had a vasectomy and doesn't want to go through reversal surgery. Some options are easier (and safer) than others.

For one, often times before a man get the vasectomy procedure, he has a few sperm samples frozen in case he changes his mind and decides he wants (more) kids at some point. This can make conceiving quite easy, if a little expensive. You can take the frozen sperm samples to a doctor who does IVF and, assuming all goes well, conception occurs.

Of course, if you don't have frozen sperm, there is the option of using a donor bank... It's not quite the same as having the child with your partner, but it will still have your genetic material, so may seem better suited to your ideals than adoption.

However, usually men still have sperm swimming around in their testes, so it is viable to extract it... From what I know, they have more sperm the closer they are to the surgery, but I'm not certain of that fact. Anyway... After sex, you can extract the sperm yourself. This is NOT recommended because... I mean, c'mon. You're sticking something into your man's testicles (good luck convincing him) and then you have to shoot that sperm into your cervix, which is probably gonna be pretty painful for you. The success rate isn't super high, but the infection rate is... but it IS still possible...

If you're going to go this route, you're going to need a syringe with a removable needle, probably 14g or 16g. You may be able to find them at a veterinarian shop or maybe even Amazon. Some injectable B12 also comes with syringes. You're probably going to want a few, because you need a NEW, STERILE one each time you try this... which you still probably shouldn't.

Okay, so... After intercourse, stick the sterile needle in your partner's testes (Should probably disinfect the area first)... Extract some sperm. Remove the needle from the syringe and squirt the sperm in your cervix (ouch!!) Probably best to wait until a point in your cycle when your cervix is open. If you're going to risk the infection and problems that could come with this... I suggest you at least take some soy isoflavones the first five days of your cycles in hopes of ovulating extra eggs and maybe increasing your chances. More than that, though, I suggest you just don't do this, unless you're trained in things of this nature and proper procedure.

(Also, I'm not a doctor- no kidding, right? But take this advice with an ocean full of salt.)

Maybe you can get a doctor to do this same procedure for you... less dangerously, but I'm not sure about that. Does anyone else know?

Vasectomy reversal doesn't seem so bad if you don't have frozen sperm, all things considered... But I could understand why someone might not want to go through with this process.

What do you ladies think?
Would you try this?
Do you know any other methods to conceive when your partner has a vasectomy?

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    My husband says he's done but he doesn't expect me to be on birth control just for his sake and refuses to get a vasectomy...I think he wants more but is afraid of other peoples opions on him having 7 kids
      8Theresa Gould
      I don't know about the dyi procedure and I'm pretty open minded!

      Neither of us is willing to go under the knife to end our reproductive years so we are open to more children should they come along.
      Lol, Theresa, I'm inclined to agree with you. I've had DIY piercings... but... I just donno about sensitive bits. Hubby says he will never, ever, (EVER!! He's pretty emphatic about it) get a vasectomy. I'm not sure I'll ever want to have a procedure either. We're not quite there yet though, since we still need #1!
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