Birth Certificate?

When did new moms get their babies birth certificate? My son is almost 3 months and we still have not received his birth certificate. Do I need to go somewhere and pick it up or will they mail it to us?

    In the states I have lived in they do not send the birth certificate. Each state required us to go to the court house or other designated government building to pick up an official copy of the birth certificate. We also had to pay for it, they don't give you one for free.
      I know to get my sons in California we have to either go in and get it or we have to print out the order form and have it notarized before we can get it. I just have not needed it or had the extra money to get it. I tried to do it online but California still said I had to print the paper out and have it notarized. I think every state is different though.
        SO I found out that someone should have mailed us one and we never got one... BUT I went out and got 2 of them, so now I have one for at home and one for when we fly to Texas next month. I'm very frustrated that we didn't get one and that I had to go get one. I guess there is nothing I can do about it now so o-well. We are covered for flying and that's all that matters.
        Man I wish Cali would do it that way! That is cool that you got them :-)
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