Possible reasons for multiple chemical pregnancies

There are lots and lots of reasons you might have multiple chemical pregnancies

To name a few:

It could be genetic. You or your partner might be missing a chromosome or have multiple chromosomes in your sex cells which are haploids (half the genetic code) So, they may not line up, like a zipper, quite right. So, when that initial piece of DNA from the egg and sperm start dividing, it may be doing so wrong, or with missing or double 'zipper teeth' never allowing a viable embryo to form.

It could be auto-immune related. There are lots of tests the doctor can give you to determine whether or not this is the case. If you have a history of autoimmune disease, or even if it's suspected due to high ANA levels or what have you, the doctor will likely do more extensive testing anyway. There are certain cells that may see baby as a threat and begin attacking it. This is actually kind of normal, which is why your immune system is supressed during pregnancy... But for someone with high anti nuclear antibodies (ANA) this could be more of a risk. Even if your system is supressed, you still may have enough to attack and harm the growing baby. There are a lot of more specific tests your doctor can use to check other things, the only of these I know much about are related to lupus, but I imagine there are tests that cover the whole spectrum of auto-immune. Ask your doctor.

It might, and most likely is, a hormone problem which is easily corrected. I'm sure you've heard of women who don't produce enough progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes a doctor can determine this by looking at your charts if you have them (Basal body temperature, etc) but otherwise, he or she can test your blood during early pregnancy if you have a history of miscarriages and chemical pregnancies. This is a quick and easy fix, so I'd check on this one first. It's also pretty common.

You may also have low egg quality or a thin uterine lining that keeps baby from properly implanting. There are also other hormones that can interfere with proper implantation and likely growth. So, there's a whole array of things that might be going on. Unless you happen to have biology equipment, or access to some through a campus, I suggest you talk to your doctor and ask for testing if you keep having chemical pregnancies.

What other reasons do you ladies know for multiple chemical pregnancies?
Could stress cause it?
What about poor nutrition?
If this has happened to you, how was it solved?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I never actually had a doctor prescribe progesterone but after I lost Matthew (2004) and then another baby (2005), a friend recommended natural, liquid progesterone. Her husband was able to get it through the chiropractor he worked for. I took that with my next three pregnancies, though I did still lose two more babies and I did not take it last year when I got pregnant. The progesterone I took was taken off the market the last I checked and I didn't know what to substitute it for.
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