Starting a weight loss journey!

I have put on a bit of weight since having my little one. My blood pressure went up (it's still up I'm sure), and I actually gained more after I had her. I am starting a weight loss/blood pressure lowering/get healthy journey. ;-) My mom lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks (and she was already small to begin with), with some simple changes in her lifestyle/eating habits. I am going on the 3 week challenge myself starting tomorrow. I'll post a before and after picture and I'll share all the details as well! Anyone interested in what I'll be doing, just inbox me or respond here. Not promoting any weight loss supplements or exercise program/equipment by the way! Just wanting to share my journey and hopefully (fingers cross) inspire someone else with my success! :-)

    Thank you Tracy Harris! Hazel, basically what I am going to be doing is going back to a very basic diet (no processed or refined foods, no sugar, no table salt (celtic sea salt in moderation is okay)). I am also going to drink at least 8 full glasses of water a day, and I am not going to eat past 6PM (on days when I'm busy I will allot myself an extra hour but will eat no later than 7PM). I also don't exercise at all now, so I am going to begin exercising at least 30 minutes a day (but I'm aiming for an hour a day). Hope you can incorporate some of these tips yourself. I'll show you all my progress though (before pic posted tomorrow, after pic posted 3 weeks from tomorrow), so I can be the pudding for your proof! :-P
      Thank you MollyMae. I'll definitely keep you all posted! See my comment just before this one regarding what I'm doing! You'd be surprised at what simple changes you make in your life could have all the difference in your overall health. And good luck to you as well. Let me know if you need anymore tips or recipe ideas, etc. I will def be here to share my results and whatever else I can offer!! :-)
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