Just an old wives tale!

Most of us are so excited about the little baby growing inside of us and we can't wait to find out everything about it. We want to know who our baby looks like, if they are healthy and if we are having a boy or a girl.

For many generations parents look into every little difference it their pregnancy to try and determine the gender of their baby. There are many old wives tales to determine the gender of the baby. These old wives tales are fun to think about and participate in but sadly they are not true.

One old wives tale is to use the baby's heartbeat rate to determine the gender. In this old wives tale they say a heart rate lower than 140bpm is a boy and a heart rate over 140bpm is a girl. Multiple medical studies have evaluated this old wives tale and have labeled it as a myth, but we can still have fun dreaming and guessing!

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    It didn't ring true with all of mine but some of them it did.
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