How to get pregnant while breastfeeding

Trying to conceive while breastfeeding can be a little tricky , especially if you haven't had you period yet. Breastfeeding changes the hormones in your body and makes the usual signs of symptoms of ovulation less obvious. Breastfeeding can also cause your ovulation to be delayed for many months.

If you period has returned while breastfeeding you can go ahead and try to conceive. You might find that you are drier down there so make sure to use a lubricate that is safe for trying to conceive. If you have a hard time tracking your cycles or if you are having irregular cycles an ovulation predictor kit might be your best bet.

If you period has not returned yet you still might be able to get pregnant because you ovulate and are fertile two weeks before you have your first postpartum period. If you are willing to take some time getting pregnant just have sex every few days until your cycle returns and hopefully you will catch the egg and get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant soon try an ovulation predictor kit and see if you have any signs of ovulation.

It is perfect safe to breastfeed while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. If you have any concerns please talk to your doctor or a lactation consult. Relax and give it some time. Good luck!

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    I never had my kids refuse to breastfeed after I got pregnant.
      8Theresa Gould
      I've had extended amenorrhea (absence of period) for an extended time, plus the nine months I was pregnant. It was nice. I've got pregnant while nursing and have nursed through pregnancies. My daughter stopped nursing at the end of my pregnancy but picked back up once her brother was born. My son stopped nursing a couple of months before our second son was born and never went back to it. They are all so different.
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