Can't wait for Saturday!!

My mom will be arriving on Saturday and I can't wait to see her. She will be here for 9 days. The kids are so excited and we all miss her very much. We have a bunch of activities planned so hopefully the weather cooperates with us.

Do your parents life close by? How often do they see your children?

    My mom lives 2 states away. She hasn't seen my kids since we moved at the end of October. She will be coming up in 2 weeks for a couple of days though.
      8Theresa Gould
      Nope, my dad is gone and my mom is 1600 miles away. We love it when she comes to visit and are hoping she, my youngest sister and new (and only niece on my side) come this summer. We haven't seen my mom since last summer. We were fortunate to see her twice last year.

      Enjoy your mom's visit.
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