What kind of chocolate bar is in the diaper?

My favorite baby shower game is "What kind of poop?".

New diapers
Different kinds of fun size candy bars
paper and pen for those playing the game

Set up:
1. Put one fun size chocolate candy bar into a diaper and put it in the microwave until it melts. Make sure you mark the diapers with a number so you know which candy is in which diaper.
2. Let the diapers cool before playing the game.
3. Make a list of what kind of candy is in the diapers.

How to play:
1. All diapers have a number of them.
2. Players are given a list with the name if chocolate candy bars on it.
3. Players pass the diapers around and smell them, they try to guess what kind of candy is in which diaper.
4. Each player marks the guesses on their sheet.
5. The player who gets the most right wins.

This game is really funny because the melted candy really looks like poop. It is funny to see everyone smelling diapers. This game will create a lot of laughs.

Moms Expertise
    8Theresa Gould
    I have never heard of this game but it does sound like it would be hilarious to play.
      I forgot to add the different kind of chocolate bars to use:
      100 Grand
      Milky Way
      Three Musketeers
      Baby Ruth
      KitKat Bar
      Reeses peanut butter cups

      They are look so gross and just like poop once they are melts and hardened again in a diaper.
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