Question about Colic.

How do you know if your baby has this and what exactly is it? My baby girl is crying a lot more than usual even after I do everything including a bottle. I feel so bad for her but dont' know what to do. Any ideas of how to reduce this?

    8Theresa Gould
    When you say crying more, like how much more and for how long? Is she scrunching up her legs when she cries? Are you burping her frequently enough? Have you discussed this with your doctor?
      She cries a lot to begin with and its a lot more excessive lately. Sometimes it can be almost an hour to calm her down and it has been like that day after day especially during the nite several times during the day. She scrunches her legs and kicks a lot. I try burping her a lot during her feeding but its very hard to get her to burp. I'm lucky to get her to burp once. The doctor told me to use gas drops and switched her formula to Similac Fussiness and Gas but that doesn't seem to help.
      How are you burping her? There's a few different positions you can burp them in so make sure to try them to see what works best for your little one.
      I will say I tried that Similac Fussiness and MAN that stuff made my son more gassy than the other formulas did!
      Try Dr Browns bottles if you haven't already they are highly recommened for good reason!
      Hope you can find some ways to make her feel better Marlene.
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