Making the medicine go down: can you change the medicine?

I realize that if you are talking about a perscription, then that's that, and there may be no other options.

However, if you are talking about OTC medications, you may be able to try different brands or formulations. While my baby is teething, we offer pain reliever. My daughter hates all pain relievers EXCEPT dye-free CVS generic ibuprofen--that she takes without issue. We've tried name brands, and even CVS generic with dye, and she refuses them. I'm glad we found a version that works, and maybe if you fall into this situation, you can too.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I would never have thought to try that. Interesting she'll take the dye free version. Guess her body knows the good stuff, eh?
    It kind of happened by accident--I was looking for a formulation without high fructose corn syrup, and the dye-free versions usually don't use it. My husband had to run out the middle of the night once and couldn't find the dye-free, so he assumed she wouldn't know the difference. That was not the case!
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