Bleeding during pregnancy

If you are bleeding at any stage during your pregnancy it is important to call your doctor. Your doctor can determine at what point you need to be seen and when it is an emergency.

Bright red bleeding during any stage of pregnancy is something to be concerned about. If you have bright red bleeding call your doctor. If the bleeding is in large amounts go to the hospital. Bright red blood is a sign of multiple problems but it means you are actively bleeding.

Pink tinged mucous is a sign of very minor bleeding. This type of bleeding can be caused by many different things and is generally not a problem. Let your doctor know if you have any pink tinged mucous but it is probably not an urgent matter.

Brown tinged mucous is a sign of old bleeding. If the blood is brown it is not fresh. I would let your doctor know if you have any other symptoms but I would not worry about brown tinged mucous.

At any point during your pregnancy you might bleed for a variety of reasons. Some reasons can be a minor as irritation from having sex. Other reasons for bleeding can be life threatening. As always call your doctor and share your concerns and symptoms with them.

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    Good advice. Bleeding for me meant a loss. :(
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