It is impossible to have your period during pregnancy

It is impossible to have your period during pregnancy but it is possible to have bleeding the mimics a period. If you are having bleeding during your pregnancy that mimics a period then you need to call your doctor right away. There are a number of complications that can cause bleeding to come and go. Some of these complications can be very serious for the health of you or your baby but some can be pretty minor.

Bleeding can mimic a period but it is physically impossible to get your period when you are pregnant.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I always wondered about those who said they had their period during their pregnancy. So it wasn't a period just bleeding. Interesting. Any bleeding in my pregnancies meant a miscarriage. It is not normal for me.
      4Milagro Rivera
      I bleed for all my pregnancies and it felt just like a period , I bleed for two weeks for each pregnancy , the doctor told me I would be fine. My 5 you old is the only one who came out with astma, adhd nd autism. the other kids have nothing wrong with them.
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