Make up

My hair is very dark brown. I typically have the same make up routine every day.
As for eye shadows, I use a nude beige color over the entire lid and then a dark brown in the crease. I often go for a vintage style and that eye make up was very common in the past. I like to finish up with black liquid liner. Sometimes I do winged liner. My eye shadows are Ulta brand.
For my face, I use MAC primer, MAC foundation, MAC concealer, and MAC powder. I also contour my face a bit with a bronzer. The blush I wear is a medium pink, by Ulta. I also use their finishing powder and Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated Shimmer to bring a nice glow to my cheeks. I also recommend a setting spray. It helps keep your make up fresh looking all day.
I fill in my brows with an Ulta brown brow pencil. For my lips, I start with Ulta's Automatic liner. The Flesh colored one matches nicely with most of my lipsticks. I typically use nude or sheer colors for lipstick but I do a bold red lip sometimes too.

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    8Theresa Gould
    You have a more intense routine than I do. I rarely wear make up anymore, usually if I am going out, especially business events.
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