Finding time to clean! Yikes!

Hi Everyone!
Just wondering if some of you lovely mothers have some tips or shortcuts for keeping a house tidy with a baby. I am working two jobs now and between them and cooking and everything else I never seem to have time to give the house a really good clean, and when I DO have time I'm too tired.
What do you do to keep your house clean and tidy?

    8Theresa Gould
    With ten of us home 24/7 it's a constant battle. We work on it a little each day or we are suppose to. It gets harder once spring and summer get here because we are outside more. But you'd think the house would stay cleaner, but it doesn't. :(
      My favorite thing I basket...all shapes and sizes. In the bathroom, bedroom, living room. I have them by the couch, the bed, in the closet. When I am running short on time the mess gets thrown into the baskets then I clean them out later when I have time. That way everything looks tidy and the baskets just look like decor :-)
        Honestly? I've given up on having a perfectly clean house. I figure when the kids are older they won't remember that there was dust on the fanblades or sticky spots on the kitchen floor for longer than there should be. What they will remember, is all the fun we had together and having me present in their childhood. I take a half hour after they go to bed to clean and do whatever I can during the day and the rest I just leave. I prioritize so that the most noticeable yuck gets cleaned up immediately - dishes in the sink, things picked up, yes even spot cleaning the floor.... but stuff like dusting and scrubbing the baseboards and really deep cleaning the house doesn't get done very often anymore, there just isn't enough time in my week.
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