It's tick season!

It's tick season again and though our chickens seem to help reduce the amount of ticks we see on ourselves. We also apply these essential oils to our necks, hair and ankles, primarily:


But I know there are others we can use, I just cannot think of them at the moment!

Other ways to prevent ticks is wearing long sleeve clothing, long pants tucked into your socks, especially if working or walking in an area with a lot of dead wood or bushes as they love those environments.

What do you use to prevent getting ticks?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    We use Terra Shield oil to help keep bugs off of us.
      I've actually been reading a bunch of articles recently about how Lyme disease is spreading throughout the US and Canada, and sometimes people don't even realize they have it b/c they don't have that well known bite that looks like a target. Freaks me out! I am a city girl, what can I say :-)
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