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First I'll start by saying that his is MY OPINION. I've had friends whos mothers rolled on top of the baby and smothered them to death. So no I don't think it's a good idea to sleep in the same bed with them while they are young (under the age of 9 months or so). Also, they become dependent on sleeping in YOUR bed and not theirs when its time for them to sleep in their own bed(s). I learned that with my first kid. He slept in my bed till he was nearly three lol. What I will give as advice is that you get a bassinet. They have a wide range of different types, some that even connect with your bed, so you can be close to your little one. I breast feed /fed all my children so, I liked to stay close to them at all times, especially night time because I got tired of running back and forth. In the end, its what makes YOU feel comfortable as a mother. Hope I helped. Congratulations

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    To be honest, after my first 2 kids were a bit bigger (around 4 months) They slept with my husband and I early mornings after our "before the sun comes up" feed lol. I love to cuddle. My six month old sleeps with me and its become a habit for him. If I even step away from his side to use the restroom, he wakes up or sees that I'm gone and loses it. Thats a big reason I'm against it.
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