..not a set schedule, but a routine can help!

I don't really think, personally, having a 2 month old currently, that you should hardcore try to put your baby on a schedule.. you can slowly start to implement a routine and prep them for different things at the same time each day.. but they are still growing and changing so much that their patterns might change or you might still need to take their lead on when they get sleepy, hungry, etc... so trying to set a strict routine probably isn't ideal.. but then again, to each their own :)

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      My kids have been on a schedule since the day they were born. I have twin boys who were in the nicu and the nurses fed them so much ever 2 hours and then after that it was 3 hours and we just stuck to that we would even wake them up to feed them. my kids are now two and still on a schedule and when that schedule gets messed up they are the grumpiest little boys in life
        When the were younger we found ways to manage around it. Like if we were at the pool we would lay them down at the pool for a nap at there nap time. The only thing that really seemed to really get to them is if they didnt take there nap around that time.then they seemed to get grumpy but that normal for any kid with out a nap. As they are getting older they still have there schedule, the wake up around 7 to 8 ish eat and go down for a nap at 11, then they eat lunch at 1;30 and dinner between 5 and 6 and every night they get a bath at 6:30 snack , brush teeth, book and bed at 8:30. If we go out now and they dont take a nap they seem to be fine now but the only bad thing is if the fall asleep later in the day they dont want to sleep at night.
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