Awful day! I have to vent!

Today was horrible! My sister, dad and all my nephews are coming down to visit for the weekend. I haven't seen them in years and I have been trying to get my house in perfect shape. I have gotten nothing done except shampooing my carpets. I cleaned the bathroom then my oldest son took the seat cover off and put it in the toilet and got toilet water everywhere! My 2 year old has been peeing all over the house! He peed on the high chair (that I just washed) all over the bathroom, on the dining room table on the kitchen table (don't ask) all over the couch. And my little levi has been very crabby today he hasn't let me put him down except for a couple minutes at a time. And I still have to go shopping too! Im so stressed out right now! Im going to be up cleaning late tonight and I have to be up early early in the morning. Today is just not my day at all! I had to vent ladies im super stressed!

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