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I do not think I was ever a young mom...although I felt young! I had my first child at 28... and my last at 32.. so I still feel young but in the realm of motherhood my age is balancing toward to old side.

One thing I can say is that age has afforded me more stability. I was able to find lucrative WAH jobs since I had my college education out of the way already and being older gave me more patience than what i would have had if I were younger.

Now saying all that ... I do not think anyone is ever ready for the changes that occur during motherhood mentally, physically...etc... regardless of age!

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    I wonder about this. I'm 28 and 29 weeks pregnant. I will still be 28 at this child's birth. My mom had me at 23. I waited to have children for many reasons. I wonder about being the older mom in my area. I go to the doctors and see these girls in there early 20's and teens. This just happens to be the area I live in. I grew up in a more upscale area where the moms were older and my mom was considered young. Being pregnant has taken its toll on my body but I plan to bring back my youth after the child is born. I plan to lose a lot of weight. Maybe we both need a boast.
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