The mall

After I dropped the kids off at school I stopped by the mall with Aiden, Chloe, Nick and Cody, Aiden didn't have school today so he's with me too. I'm getting all new bra's because my old ones don't feel comfortable anymore. Emily's birthday is Saturday she'll be 15 my big girl is getting older. I hope I can take a nap like I did yesterday that sure helped I was able to function better later in the day. Hope everyone has a great Thursday

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
9Michelle Fritch
They didn't mind too much, Aiden kept asking when can we go but the other three were fine with it. I'm wearing one of my new bra's now and it feels pretty good :-).
    9Michelle Fritch
    Oh yeah hehe. She's having some friends over tomorrow for her birthday, she wants her friends to spend the night so I might have some more girls tomorrow lol. I'm feeling ok, starting to get tired a lot easier now.
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