clogged duct

Can a clogged duct cause you to have a fever and the chills? It was really odd but last night I woke up around 1am with a fever and chills. My breast seemed to be a little full and sore so i breast fed my little guy. It got so bad I had to take Tylenol. A few hours later the fever had broke but I was really sweaty. I'm not sure if I have a bug or what but I feel great this morning.

    Perhaps.. but it looks as though it's gone from just a clogged duct to an infection or mastitis... Which is an infection.. but don't worry.. call your Doctor and tell him everything.. warm compresses.. or cold if you want to be less engorged.. You may need anti biotics.. or it can clear on it's own.. but call your doctor for sure..
      I got a fever and chills anytime I had a clogged duct... I'm not a doctor, so I obviously can't tell you with certainty that's why you had that, but that is a possible cause.
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