My son is such a ... GUY!

On the way to school he tells me he's hungry.. I ask him why he didn't eat his bagel, he said he didn't "see it"...

Picture is case and point.. lol.

At 9 1/2 he's such a dude.. can't find anything that's right in front of him... right where he left it.... He's like his dad who would lose his keys and wallet all the time.. I sat in amusement, watching his dad once LOOK for his glasses, that were ON his head...

My son is such a ... GUY!
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      I have no chance. Charlies dad puts things wherever there's room it drives me insane. No joke, he wants a table for our bedroom so he has somewhere to put his work clothes... what about the dresser? That's for my underclothes and t-shirts. What about the closet? That's for the rest of my clothes...

      So.. you want a table...

      Yes. For my work clothes.

      Just leave them on the floor then.. a table will attract more junk.

      That's one more step.. bending over to get the clothes.

      Someone help
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