"He's healthy and well fed, that's what matters"

We've been supplimenting the formula for months. I have beat myself up over it, stressed about it, and eventually accepted it. There was no way I could pump as much at work as my son was drinking and I never built up a proper freezer stash.

My husband responded with the above quote every time I started to beat myself up. And he is completely right. Some breast milk is better than no breast milk. But even if your child is completely formula fed all that matters is that they are getting enough nutrition and are healthy.

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    Amen to your husband.. My second born didn't take to the breast.. I tried and failed for 3 weeks and cried for 3 days when I decided to give her just formula.. I worried I failed her, I failed as a mom and also I nursed her brother.. so what if she gets sick and she doesn't get what he got?
    Once I saw the change in her.. after a full belly.. it was all ok and she's super happy and it was the best decision I made..
      8Theresa Gould
      Good words to live by.
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