What are your pet peeves with your SO or Husband?

AARRG I wish my hubby would tell me things like, "oh honey I forgot to tell you I broke the rakes". Yes he broke both of our rakes. I went out to clean our back yard and front yard as I am impending a 50th birthday party for my sister in a couple of weeks and I thought I would start cleaning up our yard, which is a mess by the way due to us building a shed and concrete is everywhere uuugh. So I am left to wait for a rake lol! Sorry I needed to vent. What does your hubby or SO do that drives you bonkers?

    Leaving his shoes on in the house and then reminding him to take them off, but then he would leave them on the floor in the living room.. for the kids to lick or suck on..

    NOT rinsing his cereal bowl.. those flakes and granola are like cement of they sit for too long..

    SNORING... Sometimes I wanted to punch him in the face...while he was sleeping and then be like, oh.. you must have had a bad dream.. weird..

    He always left his keys IN the door.. I hated that.. it was unsafe and annoying and then he would spend 30 minutes looking for them when he needed to leave again...

    LOL.. Should I go ON?? FYI.. we are divorced, but not for any reasons above.. or maybe yes.. maybe all wrapped up together eventually.. the decline.. lol
      He's so calm. lol it's a good balance for me because I'm just large as life. And my ex husband was the same as me so that was a dangerous mix.

      But this time around.. argh.. just get mad about something!! I've seen the man smash his thumb HARD in the car door and say "hm..that sucks".. what the heck?

      Although.. I did see him give someone the finger on the highway the other day. I guess that's a change :)
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