Baby teething at 3 months.

Charlie has been drooling a waterfall for the past month or so. He's chewing on his hands a lot more too so I think that teething has been in the background for a while now. I bought those rings that you refrigerate but he's just not interested. When he gets really fussy and there's no other obvious culprit, I give him his pacifier and that helps.. Some moms wear by a frozen wash cloth.

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    Its good he doesnt like to plastic rings in the freezer I actaul read somewhere a while back that they are actually not that good for them, I read this :Freezing a liquid-filled teething ring can also cause it to rupture or crack. Once punctured in any way, the teething ring can leak. Although the liquid is typically water or saline, it can contain bacteria, which are unhealthy for your baby. The wash cloth worked but only very cold not frozen, the other is a this vibrating ring here is a link…
    hope this helps
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      I'd even run my fingers over my babies gums.
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