Sometimes I get a wild hair...

I work at noon.. and at 11am I had the most ridiculous craving for Mexican food. Living where I live, the only option to get Mexican food is to drive 20 miles away for some odd version of Mexican American good that's not good at all. So.. I put tortillas in a pan, and I put shredded cheese on them.. then in a separate pan I squashed up some pinto beans because I had no refried ones.. then in another pan I sauteed peppers and onions and garlic and steak.. then I dumped all of that onto the tortilla, folded it over and threw on some homemade salsa that I made while it was all cooking...

I finished cooking at 11:42, sat down to eat at 11:48, finished eating at 11:59 and logged on for work at noon. Go me!

I hate that the kitchen is so messy right now.. I'm nowhere near it but it's driving me insane..

What kind of wild hairs do you grow?

    Sometimes, out of the blue, I absolutely have to have chicken. I don't know why. It could happen right after I've already eaten, or even if I'm not hungry, or even if I'm about to go to bed or have just woken up. It doesnt matter if it's fried, grilled, cooked with veggies, rotisserie, whatever, but it has to be chicken. My husband thinks I'm unreasonably weird at those moments, especially because I go off on tangents about why Florida (and soon, Virginia!) doesn't have a single White Castles for Chicken Rings. He will respond that they have Krystal's, but ofc I'm being unreasonable and Kyrstal's is not the same! (Not to mention, it's not all that good. I don't know how you mess up fried chicken, but they do)
      I get super antsy and wild if I don't leave the house. My husband makes fun of me because it doesn't matter what I do or where I go, but if I don't do something I come up with crazy schemes to entertain myself at home - rearrange the furniture, sort through ALL of the clothes and reorganize them in the closet - random stuff that doesn't matter and doesn't need to be done ;)
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