First Memory

I wonder what normally counts for a "First Memory"...I mean, most of my friends remember things from when they were about two years old, maybe a little older. Usually it's something that was important to them, or something big that happened.

But the earliest memory I can call up is from when I was six! I mean, sure I probably remembered things when I was that old, but now, that's the earliest thing I can ever bring up. My friends talk about things from when they were much younger than that, but sometimes I wonder if mine is on purpose, somehow. My parents got divorced right before I turned six, and my "First" memory is of the day we moved into my grandpa's house with my mom and younger brother. I don't remember the actual moving process, or toys, or the old house, or any of the epic fights I was apparently there for. I've seen pictures from back when I was a toddler, but it's like the baby sitting on my dad's shoulders is a stranger. She looks like me, and is me, but I don't remember any of it, and it makes me a little sad.

All I know, is that around my sixth birthday, we arrived at Papa's house. We played with the horses, the apple trees, the blackberry and raspberry bushes, and I met some kids who would be my best friends for the next few years. Nothing before that.

What are some first memories you ladies have?

    My first memory is of my fifth birthday waking up to my mom and grandma bringing me a muffin and presents. I like you think I block the memories of when my parents were together out of my head. There's bits and pieces of things I remember but no whole memories until my fifth birthday.
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