Baby Fever...

So as i sit here with Addie enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today :) and reminding myself my baby will be 2 in not even a month from now I can't help but feel a huge rush of baby fever. I really want another baby, I want that tiny little person who needs me 24/7. Hubby & I have been trying for a year next year on and off but nothing is happening :/ Babies doesn't come easy to us and never have but we refuse to give up until our family is complete :D

    keep trying! I hope you get pregnant soon!!!
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    My Name is Jackie I'm 29 years old && Married to my for going on 8 years. I'm the mother of 2 beautiful children Aiden who will be turning 5 in June && Addison who will be turning 2 in may we are currently trying for our last and final baby #3 :)
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