Whens a good time to start potty training? Bentleys been walking around grabbing his man parts and tellin us peepee the last few days an until today I thought he was being silly but earlier he didn't have a diaper on and did it and then peed everywhere. He's only 14 months old though.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    Oh my, sounds like you gotta try potty training.
      I would start now. It sounds like hes interested or at lease has an idea about it... I found with all the kids I have potty trained that if you start a sticker chart for going potty and they get to choose their stickers then if they go potty so many times they get to pick out a prize... Go to target and get some hot wheels or other small toys that he can pick out one from a basket. Label the basket Prizes and tell him all about it. Maybe have him help you decorate the sign for the prize box. Give him a special place to put his stickers and the chart where he can see it like on the doors to under the sink in the bathroom. Use BLUE PAINTERS TAPE to tape it on there so it wont hurt the finish. Good luck and remember to be patient, some times he could sit there for a half our just to make sure he gets that sticker... GOOD LUCK :)
        If he's vocal enough to tell you, I would for sure give it a shot, but don't pressure him into it. We had great success (twice) with the 3 day method which is very gentle and positive for kids.
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