bath or shower alone

My son is 4 and takes showers mostly but still loves his bath he bathes himself occasionally we might have to wash his hair or tell me when to clean and stop playing but over all does very well. My daughter is 1 and LOVES showers she gets in by herself and plays for a bit then of course we wash her still. If she hears water running she takes off and starts trying to get her diaper off even if its the sink in the kitchen lol she just loves to be in water. She chooses shower over bath most of the time. we give her a rag and she likes to try and wash herself but she is still too young to do it herself -- she is trying to grow up too fast!!!!

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    Bentley likes his baths but he wants to play in the faucet while the water is running
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        Mason turns 5 in July and he is able to shower alone, but usually likes to just take a bath with his sisters :) Throwing all 3 in the tub together is quick and easy so that's what we do most often :)
          Our 3 year old takes showers on her own, our one year old we still bathe in the bath, we've tried introducing her to the shower, but the shower head scares her I guess.
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