Sample Menu for 9 month old.

We had Avery almost entirely on finger foods by this point, but not everyone does. Here's the general daily menu she followed.

7:00am Nurse
7:39am Breakfast: 1oz Dairy, 1oz fruit, 1oz grains
10:30am Nurse
11:00am Lunch: 1oz fruit, 1oz veggie, 1 oz dairy
1:30pm Nurse
4:30pm Nurse
5:00 Dinner: 1oz veggie, 1oz grain, 1oz protien.

You could always do more then an ounce of each thing, We've slowly increased as she's grown. The basic idea is that this is balanced so they're getting different food groups.

For Dairy we did yogurt, cottage cheese, or a 1/2oz of mild shredded cheese.
For Fruit we did basically everything she could chew. If she couldn't chew it we cooked it until soft (like apples) or just mashed it up. No berries though.
For Veggies we tried to do one green veggie and one colored veggie per day. Regular potatoes didn't count as a veggie, they're too starchy.
For Grains we did oatmeal, rice, couscous, cheerios, barley, or whole wheat bread.
For protien we started with egg yokes, then tofu, then minced chicken, then ground beef. We've also done some fish like tilapia.

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      Sounds like Avery is a great eater!! Did you keep a log of what she was eating? How did you test for allergies?
        8Theresa Gould
        Great job! Thanks for sharing.
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