Sleeping Baby...

My son is almost 3 months old... He is really a good baby. I am trying to get him on a sleeping schedule during the day. UG!!! He will not fall asleep unless we are holding him or his hands, not a big deal... BUT if we put him in his crib for a nap he wakes up crying with in 30 of putting him in there from when he falls asleep. How do I get him to sleep longer for his naps? How do I get him to sleep in his crib for naps? He sleeps in his crib at night no problem... I have the same music on that he listens to at night when he sleeps... Does his room need to be dark? Since its just him and I home all day its quiet when he naps... Not sure what to do...

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    The windows are closed but its not very dark in there. He will sleep for up to 3 hours in my lap but only a half hour in his crib... Normally he takes about 3 half hour naps a day... and then goes to be around 7 or 8... Normally I put him to bed when he is fully asleep, arms flop to the sides type sleep. Today he was in his crib for a half hour and woke up so I rocked him and he fought it and fought it then about 45 min later of him fighting sleeping I took him out and we sat on the couch and with in 3 min he is sleeping... now hes sleeping on my lap as we speak... or type.. Do I try putting him in his crib now that hes out?
      I second what tracy said. 30 minutes sounds pretty good depending on how many naps he's taking. Just stay consistent and he will sleep as much as he needs :)
        Melissa Middleton
        My son does the power naps as well but his are 20 minutes or less. He sleeps much longer at night, 5-7 hrs. I wear him out by playing with him. Walks in a stroller helps him as well. Some babies do the power naps. He will do 30-40 minutes, once in a while, if I am lucky. My son is 13 weeks.
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