Personalized gifts for your baby.

Autumn is getting a personalized Easter bunny basket with her name. She also has a wall plaque and a personalized book " My very own fairy tale" Story names her the new fairy tale princess. Next will be a quilt. How many personalized items does your children have?

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    Mason and Audrey already have blankets, and Hayden will be getting hers "for her birthday" though she won't get it until a few months later - it's a quilt from all of the fabrics I used as backdrops to take pictures of her every week for the first year of her life :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Ours have a little silver cup from their paternal grandmother and our two older girls have personalized baby silverware a friend from my hometown sent them. I think a couple of them have personalized Christmas ornaments as well.
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