Newborn Sleeping too Much?

Avery was such a good sleeper that we worried about this a bit at first. The doctor said that as long as she didn't go longer then 6 hours between feedings at night we could let her sleep (this was after she got back up to birth weight).

During the day newborns still sleep ALOT. In fact they really shouldn't be away for more then 45min-1hr 15min at a time. Then they could sleep for anywhere between 20min to 4 hours. I would say that As long as your baby has at least 6 hours total of awake time in a 24 hour period they should be fine.

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    We have had really good sleepers as well, and have never woken them up. Mine all started sleeping just before they got back to birth weight, I think hitting that milestone has a lot to do with how well babies are sleeping.
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds about right. I feel like newborn days are so long ago. Even though it's only going to be four years this summer , it feels like forever.
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