going crazy....

All of my friends kids are well behaved, calm, they listen, they clean up after themselves, they don't whine or argue with their parents.....what am I doing wrong that I feel like I am raising a zoo and I am the maid?

5Mary HuntBelleview, Florida
    You are only seeing your friends' children for (probably) a few hours at a time. I am 110% sure your friends have moments where their children are crazier than yours, you just don't see them!
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sure your friends have their crazy times too and you are just not seeing the bad/ugly. No one's family is perfect .
        5Mary Hunt
        Some of these friends ask me why my kids act the way they do b/c their kids don't. And I can show up to their houses and yes the kids may be running around, but adults can still hold a conversation and the house looks lived in but not like a tornado hit it. I can see the differences. And now my 12 year old and his "games". Ugh! I'm going looney!
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