Not following the parents religion.

For those ladies who are religious, if your child chose not to follow the religion you are bringing them up as, would you be very upset?

I was brought up Catholic myself but have not kept with that faith. Everyone told me my grandmother would be very upset, but it turned out that she didn't care very much. She was happy that I still had faith and told me I had to figure out my own religious path. I was always super thankful that she was understanding.

That said, I can see how it is upsetting if your child doesn't follow what they were raised with.

    I was raised as a Christian...was a youth pastor for years. My faith is very important to me and I will raise my son to have faith as well. But one of the basic principles of Christianity is that God gives us a free will. We all must decide what we believe. I may not like the choices my kids may make as they get older but I would rather have them truly believe in something verses believe something just because I want them too.
      I could see how it might be upsetting, but I honestly would be okay with it. My parents raised me Catholic but I left the church and am believing in God in my own way. I still agree with most teachings, but not with a lot of others. If my kids want to have faith in something else, I'll just have to accept that.
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