What makes home feel like home?

I admit to struggling with this a little bit since I have moved quite a lot as an adult. I think what makes a home feel like home to me is just a feeling. I mean every house I have lived in has been my home, but some I was more attached to than others for reasons I can't even explain. My last house I hated even though it was big, in a nice neighborhood and altogether the nicest place I have ever lived. It just never felt like home, of that makes sense. Where I live now is smaller, still a decent neighborhood and the neighbors are no more friendly than in the last neighborhood. But I feel more at home here.

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    Well we live in a trailer home and it belongs to my husbands parent we rent from them.Its not really nice and Its not in the best part of the neighborhood but that's OK. When Gary and I were dating we would always run there to be together. My dad didn't want me to be with Gary so when I ran a way from home that's where we went too. My home is the one place my husband and I always be long together
      I TOTALLY think "home" is a feeling.. I can show this by an example that the home I grew up in my whole life.. my parents recently sold and moved 700+ miles away to their dream home.. this past Christmas, we all had our first one in their new home.. and boy did it feel like HOME to us all.. why? Because we were all there, together.. the most important people :) The home I live in now feels very much like home to me as well.. but I do think it's more of a feeling rather than a place :)
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