To Pacify or not

My baby's 5 months and im trying to get the pacifier a way from him.But he likes sucking on it when he is sleeping. Not really when he is awake.

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    I used a pacifier for my daughter really only because I didn't want her to suck her thumb. Figured it's much easier to take away a pacifier then a thumb. She only got it when she slept (but would spit it out once asleep), in car & during changing. If she fussed during the day we didn't give it to her. At about 7 months we started weening her off of it. First just took it away at nap time & she did wonderful. Then we took it away at bed time all together. Then we replaced the pacifier during traveling with "Buddy the Bear" & finally took it away during changing. All of this was spread out through several months. Taking it away from changing was probably the hardest & still that only took about a day for her to stop looking for it.
    I will admit that I do carry one in her diaper bag for an absolute last resort if we are in a restaurant or doctors appointment for if she won't behave.
      Why do you want to take it? I personally think it's not big deal.. whatever gives them comfort at night.. or naps.. it doesn't affect them in a bad way at all..

      I think when pacifiers are bad is when parents give them at any time.. all the time.. like when you see an 18 month old at the park playing and they have a one in their mouth..

      Parenting is tough at this age.. I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet..
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