Our Son was sleeping throught the night at 1 month old!

My Mom helped us the first two weeks and showed us a few tricks.

#1- keep on their schedule of food throughout the day. Don't make them wait more than 4 hours for milk.

#2- Create a night time rital- Ours was to turn lights low and turn off all noises.

#3-Don't play with your infant before bed..be boring. No lound noises or active songs during the night time feeding and changing.

#4- Swaddling our Son played a HUGE part in him sleeping through the night.

#5-Once your child is 1 month old they are drinking enough Formula or breast milk and will NOT need to eat at night.
#5- part2- If your child wakes during the night, He/She is NOT crying from hunger. Do NOT give a bottle, they will expect it and NEVER sleep all night.

#6- This was the hardest for me- My Mom had him with her for the night when he refused to sleep from Midnight-2 am. (We were pretty miserable) She KNEW he wasn't hungry, so she kept talking to him (without picking him up from his bassinet) saying he was find and to go to sleep. He cried a total of 20 minutes ( a LIFETIME for a parent) and then went to sleep. From that point on he was asleep all night.

This is what worked for me, but feel free to do what is best for you and your baby.

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    I am glad you found something that worked for you. Personally, I don't think a one month old baby can wait 4 hours (or at least my children couldn't at one month old), nor do I believe they get enough to eat during the day at that point, especially if you are breastfeeding. I do think there comes a point where you don't have to feed them at night, but in my opinion it is when they are quite a bit older. That being said, I do very much agree with you about routines and being "boring" at night.
      Hmm.. great tips.. but I have to kindly disagree that some babies DO need to eat nighttime calories in the middle of the night.. so I wouldn't say it's safe to say across the board don't let them eat at night... my little man still needs them and he is two months old :) He still needs them to gain weight.. also.. do you still swaddle? I have heard swaddling can backfire because then they are so used to it? Just wondering!
        Meg, I swaddled until about 3.5 - 4 months old. It was very helpful with sleep, and then I didn't just let it go cold turkey. I slowly transitioned away from swaddling. And I agree with you about the eating. I have read (MANY) sleep books, and most agree that up to 2 feedings per night until 9 months old is normal, though of course, many babies don't need it. I think formula fed babies generally do sleep through the night sooner and don't need to eat as much b/c formula digests more slowly. Mine were breastfed though (with some supplementation for my daughter), so I unfortunately didn't benefit from that!
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