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My Ob/Gyn keeps asking me if I have decided what kind of birth control I want to be on after I deliver. I will definitely be using something due to getting pregnant so quickly after my one year old, but I'm having trouble deciding. I'm positive that I want to go with one of the extended-cycle pills (the ones that reduce how many menstrual cycles you have in a year), but I don't know much about them other than that. Has anyone taken any of these who could give opinions on the different kinds? I've always had extremely heavy cycles, anemia because of it, with horrible cramps. I mainly want something that can cut back as far on all that as I can.

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    My husband and I used to use condoms, but we have strangely gotton to the point where we feel uncomfortable going to a store and buying them. Not sure why.
      I feel like I've done it all. Pills, ring, patch, IUD, shot. You name it. My OB just told me about Nexplanon and it's an implant that goes in your arm for up to 3 years. But if you want to get pregnant you take it out and bam! No waiting. We have a 12 and 11 year old and are PRETTY sure we don't want more but too scared to go the permanent route yet since we are still young. Hope this helps.
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