Kid Quirks!

I was just watching Jimmy Fallon.. and the gal who played Winnie Cooper.. in.. whatever show that was :) ha! She was on.. She was chatting about her son's funny and weird obsession with garbage trucks! How he watches youtube videos of REAL garbage trucks and how she even on garbage day.. sometimes drives around with him and they trail a garbage truck.. ha! :) She really cutely expressed.. hey, for your kids you will do anything.. so true, right?

With that said.. I would love to hear quirky and funny things your kiddos love! :)

So far.. even though Monroe is only two months old, he does have that strange love affair with our chevron letter S wall art in our living room :)

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      So far my son loves animals - especially cats like lions etc and monkeys. He also loves anything that makes music. He's crazy about books and kicking his legs. He makes me laugh when he's in the bath and he'll raise his legs up realllly high and then slam them down in the water to make a big splash. Really cracks me up. He won't look twice at a rubber ducky toy, but if I bring out the bath books he's fascinated.
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