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Over the past 11-ish months that we've had our Nina, she's done a lot of funny things, but lately, she's been just having an absolute blast during playtime, even when she's alone in her crib for what was supposed to be a nap lol! I don't know what 11 month old kids see when they're playing pretend, but whatever it is, she's definitely having fun.

Most recently, when sitting on my lap, she'll turn around to face me and touch my chin, because she wants me to lean my head back, and then whip it back forward with a whispered-loud "Boo!" which makes her squeak and laugh and then she'll mimic it, but without the Boo, just wide eyes and a huge grin, waiting for you to act surprised.

In the bathroom, which she has decided is a group activity now, she'll stand up against the bathtub and start patting it with her hand over and over, then stop and wait for you to do it, too, after which she will do it again herself, while gazing up at the ceiling and squeaking and "talking" and just having a riot. Then she gets quiet and waits for you to tap the tub again, after which she repeats her diva session.

Sometimes, Trevor will scoop her up and they'll swing in circles for a bit, which makes her laugh hysterically, and then settle on his shoulder and Trevor will pretend to run away and then stop a few feet from me, which is my cue to stalk after them, and then get really close and go "Rawr!" or "Ah-boo!" to Nina, after which she'll shriek and then smile and then pat Trevor's shoulder and the chase is off again.

What games do your kids love to play?

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