Factory Closing

Last Thursday my husband had an interview with a job closer to the house. He would save quite a bit on gas. He thought about skipping it, but I told him not to skip it. When he was coming back home, I got a message from a friend that the current job would be shutting down. At first, I thought they meant the few times in the year that the plant closes down for inventory. Nope... They meant for good. This is very sad for the community.

"At one time, Fruit of the Loom had more than 11,000 manufacturing and corporate employees at its plants in Jamestown, Frankfort, Campbellsville, Franklin, Greensburg, Princeton and Bowling Green and at its Bowling Green corporate headquarters."

This plant was the last with 600+ employees. When traveling around, after the news of the plant closing we've noticed other businesses putting up their CLOSED sign on their doors. I am going to see about driving around and taking some "artistic" shots of how dead the area has become. It's hard to think that at one time it was thriving.

We are now waiting on what to do next. We are sure that God has plans during this transition in our lives. It's hard not to get too upset with worrying about something that is not in control. The position was filled for the other job. We are trying to keep our heads up. I offered to do sessions outside and it's looking like I may be getting more freelance work. Such a plus right now!


Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    Oh goodness. I'm so glad he went to the interview though! Hopefully he will get the new job.
    Oh oops. Just re-read and saw the other position was filled :( :( I'm sure something will come along though - just try to stay positive!
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