Makeup for us gingers! (And wrinkle help, please??)

Makeup Tips for Redhead Moms

Even us soulless gingers like to get all dolled up sometimes. Now, I know... We don't all look the same, us redheaded folk, but, unlike other hair colors, we do tend to share a lot of the same coloring. For the sake of this article, I'm going to go with my shading- red hair, pale freckled skin, and green eyes.

I remember when I was a kid and started wearing makeup, I scoured the internet up and down trying to figure out what makeup works for ME because a lot of makeup tutorials aren't meant for people as fair as me and can look kind of weird. Now, I'm no expert, but I did stumble on a few things that work.

One type of makeup that can be difficult to find for the fair-skinned redhead is foundation. It seems like it's all too dark, or the wrong shade, or totally covers freckles... And just GAH. I've tried SO SO many foundations that it's silly. Having super sensitive skin on my face, not only do I have to find something that doesn't break me out, but also meets all the “I'm a vampire who's never seen the light of day” qualifications also. A few things that work...

Estee Lauder Double Wear- Eggshell and the step above it work great on super-fair skin! I tried the whole oil free, everything-free thing for a while... didn't do jack for my skin except break it out or cover nothing. Despite the ingredients, this is the only foundation I've found that HELPS my skin. My face will literally be clearer the next day if I sleep in this stuff. It's like magic. It's a bit pricy ($30-50 a bottle)... but WELL worth it and it lasts forever. Plus, you can get it with built-in sunscreen!

Others- I LOVE Infallible. I think it's Covergirl, but it's one of the drugstore brands. It's about $12. Amazing coverage, seems to last. Great for a night out, but because it's so thick, it breaks me out if I wear it too frequently.

In my paler moments, I've been known to mix white face paint (like the kind you get for Halloween, lol) with foundation to lighten it up lol... You can also use goth makeup, heh. And if anyone has ever tried Makeup For Redheads brand... I'd love to know if it works well!

And concealer- Smashbox. No replacements. It's like $24 dollars for a little lipstick sized tube. A friend convinced me to buy it, else I'd never spend so much on so little but WOW. Covers anything. Ever. Would probably work for tattoos.

Powder- Covergirl sensitive skin in translucent or the Covergirl Anti-aging one if my skin is dry. It doesn't get all cakey and flakey. And I have wrinkles, which I thought didn't happen quite this early... but they are definitely there. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

For a youthful, dewy glow... (And this actually works for all hair and skin tones) monotone! I was surprised by this one, but it appears to work and is super easy! For my complexion, warm coral-y pinky golds work well. I especially like to use creamy stuff for this. Pinky gold bronzer, same color on eyes and lips, mascara- done.

I like the classic look... Neutral tan on the lid, purplish brown for the crease, liquid winged eyeliner, thick black mascara, red lips, like in my picture. It's my go-to. For something more intense and sultry, I replace the neutral with grey, or one step up- various shades of black.

Purple does wonders for green eyes... Really makes them pop. I like warm, dark purple, layered, with a darker shade of purple in the crease. Black eyeliner and mascara, light pink/ mauve lips. Very fall-looking.

And for glitzy and especially if you have a tan (You know, a redhead tan... the kind where WE know, lol) Gold on the eyes! Shiny gold. HOT pink blush, blended really well – I like Fox in a Box which you can get at WalMart. It took me some time to find the right shade of gold, but it can really work. Neutral lips.

What about you?

What sort of makeup do you like on redheaded ladies?

Have any foundation recommendations for all of us with skin like chalk?

And please ladies, seriously... Wrinkle product that works? I'm in my early twenties and have noticable forehead wrinkles. (And acne... simultaneously!!) Like, you really don't have to look very hard. At all. I try to avoid harsh stuff, but I do use acid renewal overnight cream a few nights a week... Anything that REALLY works?

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