Get personal with decorative wooden letters! (Or cardboard)

I admit it, my rebel status is gone... I LOVE the wooden letters trend. Luckily, my last name starts with an O, so they're super easy to make and decorate for me, lol.

So- decorating them!

I like the yarn covered ones, especially if you use a neutral sort of 'wrapping' color, and add detachable decorations to use year-round. And neat trick I found on Pinterest! If you use yarn, you don't even have to buy a wooden letter... You can just cut it from cardboard. WAY easier to hang up and basically free.
You can then crochet flowers for spring, butterflies for summer, leaves for fall, candy canes for Christmas, you name it! Anything you can crochet small, pin it or tie it on that baby and you have a whole new letter.

One way I like to use them is in a wreath! Same concept as before... I cover the wreath (which is a two-dollar length of pipe covering from Lowes, cut to length and duct taped together at the ends... Forget expensive wreath forms. You can make 2 or 3 from one of those foam pipe coverings...) in neutral yarn, and stick on of the little wooden letters inside. Then, you can go for bigger decorations. Hello, little kid flip-flops from the dollar store for summer! Pinterest has a bajillion ideas for these!

Eventually I'd like to have painted or yarn covered letters for every season-- especially an alternating red and white one to look like candy canes.

I love the polka dot letters which are easier to make with a round foam brush if you're like me and can't paint a circle. For little polka dots, pencil eraser!

You can paint one white and dip it in glitter for a more elegant look, less intrusive look.

You can make swirligigs on it with Elmer's glue, let it dry, paint it with metallic, then brush it with a darker metallic acrylic then wipe off (so it gets 'antiqued') if you wanna go super classy with it.

I think they'd be adorable in kid's rooms or as bookbag hooks in the kids favorite colors/patterns. (Zebra stripes could be cute!)

And once I'm settled in the new house, I'd love to Mod-Podge (ahem, homemade mod podge because I'm a cheapy. It's like flour, water, and vinegar or something equally cheap and easy... Check Google) some letters to spell out OWENS or a quote or something with book pages! I mod-podged a lamp shade with book pages ripped every which way and I adore it. Hubby and I are both total book nerds!

In the same vein though, you could do maps of places you've been or want to go or any maps at all. Or periodic tables. Agh, I could nerd out with pages, pictures, and paintings you could mod podge on to a letter. (Or hey... LETTERS! I think it'd be romantic to mod podge your and hubby's old love letters onto some for the bedroom... Tell me I'm not the only one who saves those, haha.)

Whatever your style is, go for it! You can't really go wrong with wooden letters because I think they are supposed to represent YOU!

What are your favorite ways to decorate wooden letters?

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        Have you ever tried Washi Tape?!?!? I am a planner addict and have a ton of washi tape to decorate that. I just saw the other day that someone bought one of the thicker cardboard letters and washi taped it. Looked AMAZING!!!
          Oh.. I'm so bookmarking this post! I saw some wooden letters in the store a few weeks ago and I've been dying to make some for Charlie, but they were way too expensive. $2 per letter is ridiculous, even on sale. So I'm just breaking out the saw and doing it myself. I expect some imperfection but I think a little uneven-ness would look pretty neat for a kids room.

          Thanks for the ideas Cassaundra!
          Our resident handy-woman! I'm sure it'll look great! I hope you post pics when you're done
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