Well it's finally Friday, last day of the week for the kids going to school. Aiden had another day off today but goes back on Monday so I have half the kids with me. I'm just doing work around the house for the most part and going to keep the little ones entertained, especially Aiden he seemed like he was bored yesterday, he's usually in school now and likes his friends at school. I don't know yet what will get done today I really want to take a nap later on, hopefully Aiden cooperates today and lets me take a nap.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    Happy Friday! I hope you are able to sneak a nap in!
    9Michelle Fritch
    Thank you. It's not quite as bad on the weekend since I don't have to get them up at a certain time, Sunday mornings are harder because we go to Church in the morning but Saturday's aren't as bad. It does give me a break when the kids are in school and I only have the three youngest one's with me, I've had my 5 year old with me the last two days, he wouldn't let me take a nap yesterday and I haven't got one yet today so I'm probably not going to get one now. I like doing my running in the morning, I do all my errands for the day and have at least a couple of hours where I can slow down for awhile.
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