Potty training

We are trying to potty train our 2 year old. He knows what to do on his potty but we can't seem to get him to be consistent about going. Do any of you have any tips?

    I would just keep reminding him to tell you if he needs to go. I never asked my kids "do you need to go potty" because I didn't want to set it up as something I had to ask about - I want them to tell me. Instead, I spent weeks saying "remember to tell mommy or daddy if you have to go potty!" Whenever it had been awhile or when I could tell they probably had to go.
    I wish I had tips! My three year old refuses to potty train.
      Avery is 10 months and uses the potty when we put her on it. She has for a while. We've noticed that she'll hold her poop now because it feels gross in her diaper. other then that though, she's too young to communicate when she has to go.

      I think the best thing is to make pottying a part of a regular routine. Always put them on first thing when they wake up, right after eating, right before you get in or out of the car, etc. Then I would also get them some kind of training pants that let them feel the wet (i.e. not pull ups). That way they'll feel the natural consequence of not using the potty. I know there are some Gerber cloth training pants that work well. If you're worried about messes I've heard of people sewing waterproof PUL fabric on top too.
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