Time flies by.

So Tuesday i'll be 21. It's such a strange feeling to know i'll be that old. (I know i'm OLD but still) It doesn't feel any different, just like any other day would be. My husband asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I didn't have birthdays any more lol

    OMG, Heather, I will not even tell you how long it's been since I turned 21!! Let's just say that my oldest child is closer to that age than I am. Eek!! Enjoy your 20s girl and don't worry about birthday AT LEAST until your late 30s :-)
      Melissa Middleton
      LOL! Old? Haha, sweetie, I will be 32 this Sunday! A few of my nieces are near your age.
      Happy early birthday. Enjoy your youth. ;) Those 20's fly by SO fast.
        lol I know i'm not old I just feel like I should be this age yet lol I do but I don't.
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