This weekend

So... sigh. Okay. After lots of work on the small rental in between work on the big rental and the out of town rentals, the small one that my mother will be moving into is pretty much ready to go. I still have some drywall to finish up in the back but that's no biggie. So.. early tomorrow morning I'm driving one truck, the bf is driving another pulling a trailer. 6 hours down to where my mom lives, spending the night, loading up and coming back on Sunday.... 6 hours. Charlie is usually really good while driving but he's never taken a trip this long. Then he has to sit with mom, who he's never met, who's nervous about holding a baby, while me and the bf load up the trucks.

I'm stressed. The bf is stressed. We're both so frazzled right now so we're barely talking because one wrong word will send us over the edge, but we know that so we're just trying to be calm.

Add to that the fact that the town half way between us is supposed to get snow this weekend. I DO NOT DRIVE IN THE SNOW. Seriously, I've lived in Montana for 13 years and have managed to only drive in it a few times.

I'm just stressed.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds pretty hectic. I don't like driving in snow either and wouldn't except for the fact that I have to for the paper routes.
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