Pinterest makes me feel like a bad mom

Am I the only one that feels this way?

I see all these cute ideas that people are posting to do with their kids. They are cute but I have no desire or motivation to do them and if I do try a few ideas they all just turn out awful. I see these moms who are like super mom, clean house, happy kids, tons of crafts, etc and I just can't do it. I am getting sick of seeing all the ideas on Facebook because they just male me feel like I suck.

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    Katie - I agree with you 100%! The only difference is that I've pretty much stopped feeling bad about it. I'm not that mom, and most of the moms who post on pinterest aren't that mom either. They just show you are very small portion of their overall lives. I have an acquaintance who outwardly appears to be that way but is then always snapping at her kids not to mess up the house or interrupt all her "artwork". Read this blog post - it gave me a good laugh!
      Aw Katie.. I feel that way too. My bf's sister has 3 kids from 16 down to 10 years old. Each one of them is involved with every single sport throughout the year, she's a nurse on top of that so she has a demanding job, still her house is spotless, her children are always smiling.. her husband is happy.. and she STILL has time to scrapbook like crazy. She's got a whole wall, not kidding.. a WALL of scrapbooks in her basement. I can sit and do 2 pages of a scrapbook before a meltdown. I can read 3 pages of my book at night before there's a wet diaper. I've made one crafty thing for Charlie.. I bought the stuff for the next project and haven't touched it.

      You are not alone. I've tried a couple of those projects and feel like I have two left hands or something. How do people do this stuff without tracing it first? How is that woman's hand so steady! And where on earth do people find the money for all this?

      Sigh. BUT... my kid smiles at me all the time. So. I win!
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